Research Associates

Anne Fitzpatrick, works as a science and technology scholar at Two Grey Hills LLC, in Washington DC on international nuclear security. She has worked and lived in Russia and Ukraine. Before coming to Washington, D.C. she served as a technical staff member at Los Alamos National Laboratory. She is fluent in Russian. Her new edited book, Pioneers of Soviet Computing, is available hereShe can be contacted at

Jongwon Park, Senior Research Fellow. Science, technology, and innovation policy; assessments of technology based economic development programs; analysis of scientific and technical human resource issues; industry-university research cooperation; national indicators of research and development; and evaluation of government funded R&D programs.

Ralph David Simpson, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Environmental economics and policy, renewable energy sources, natural resource industries, sustainability.

Alan Tonelson, U.S. Business & Industry Council Education Foundation. Human resources, international trade, technology policy.

Caroline S. Wagner, (Ph.D., University of Amsterdam) Lead Research Scientist. Science, technology and innovation policy, networks, international technology cooperation.

Ray A. Williamson, (Ph.D., University of Maryland). Environmental security, earth observation satellite policy, dual-purpose space technologies and the commercialization of space-relates technologies. Executive Director of the Secure World Foundation.


Organizations that CISTP has formal agreements with:

Korea Institute of Industrial Technology Evaluation and Planning

Korea Science and Engineering Foundation

Korea Industrial Technology Foundation

Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology