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Nuclear Power plant

Waste, Families Left Behind As Nuclear Plants Close

October 24, 2016

Professor Allison Macfarlane offers her opinion on the decommissioning of nuclear power plants and what that means for the future


Obama and Pushing for Humans on Mars by the 2030s

October 13, 2016

Could humans get to Earth by 2030?


Podcast: Professor Hugh Gusterson on Drones

September 15, 2016

Professor Gusterson was a guest on a YPR to discuss Drones and the Changing Face of War.

Drone: Remote Control Warfare by Hugh Gusterson

Five Minutes with Hugh Gusterson

September 12, 2016

Hugh Gusterson sits down with MIT Press to discuss his new book on drones and the impact it has on warfare.


Drone: Remote Control Warfare by Hugh Gusterson

Drone: Remote Control Warfare

September 12, 2016

David Cole reviews Hugh Gusterson's book on Drone Warfare.